Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Gift - A Piece of the True Cross

One day a while back my daughter gave me a gift. It was a piece of foam wrapped in facial tissue and tied with a rubber band. The foam was part of a cross that she had made at church as a craft and later tore apart to make a bridge for some imaginary adventure. So here was this ugly, worthless pile of things that she gave me. Quickly I was reminded of how everything that we offer to God is objectively worthless, deficient, even pitiful compared with the One to whom we offer it. This is especially true when we think of the gift He gave us of His Son. And yet, it is precisely because of His gift to us--the clear sign of His prodigal love for us--that we know that our worthless gift has value in His eyes. So my daughter helped build several bridges: her play bridge, a bridge between her and me, and a bridge between me and God. The use of a cross as a bridge to God was rather inspired. Not bad for a day's play.


Brother said...

Great reflection and I love stories like these because it helps us become fully human.

Pete Caccavari said...

Thank you, Brother, for your comment. Periodically I become aware of why God gives children to us, recognizing that not only do parents have a role in helping children work out their salvation, but that children also return the favor.