Tuesday, June 30, 2009

St. John Vianney on Fear and Crosses

St. John Vianney said:

"Our greatest cross is our fear of crosses." (Thoughts of the Cure of D'Ars, p. 23)

How true this is. We seek comfort, we seek predictability, we seek admiration, we seek things, but we run in dread from the God who made and loves us. We do not trust that He wants what is best for us.

St. John Vianney also said:

"You must accept your cross; if you bear it courageously it will carry you to Heaven." (p. 9)

Following Christ is counter-intuitive to how we are socialized by our culture. But contrary to the prevailing culture, suffering is not the worst thing that can happen to us. The worst thing that can happen to us is to be separated from God by our own actions which turn us away from Him.

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